Project description

According to The Lisbon Strategy, Europe should become the most competitive and dynamic knowledge-based economy in the world. The Lisbon conclusions stressed the central role of education and training as the main instrument to increase human capital. Most of the managers are only partially satisfied with the training of the employees. The main reason why employers consider training as not sufficiently effective is - lack of Training institutions capable to carry out effective training; Inability to apply new knowledge in practice; Lack of employee interest, etc. Analyzing so far available materials and good practises of a number of training providers the most effective methods for diminishing the gap between theory and practise is using experiential methods based on ICT, like virtual games. However virtual games are still an innovation to be transferred to CEEC.

The specific project aim is to embed Strategic Management Virtual Games within Consortium business education through enhancing trainers’ competencies to create virtual reality and use it on strategic management training.

Overall aim is – to transfer experiential and innovative teaching methods based on ICT, contributing to the quality of strategic management education.

The objectives of the project are: 

  • To assess the actual competence of the selected trainers for using Virtual Games in Strategic Management.
  • To train 25 trainers on teaching Strategic Management Games,
  • To develop 8 cases ready to use in Virtual Games,
  • To develop teaching notes for the games and pilot 8 games training a group of managers on Strategic Management,
  • To amend the 8 games according to the feedback after the pilot training,
  • To develop the textbook and an article on using ICT in teaching process,
  • Disseminate results of the project in 2 international conferences.

Target groups of the project are: direct - educators & trainers dealing with Strategic Management education. Indirect target group are managers.

The beneficiaries are: Educators and trainers, enterprises, training providers, and students.

Partners by their professional experience represent: ISM University of Management and Economics, LT - Business University as institution transferring the innovative teaching methods to the adult education, Navigator Consulting Partners, UK – field strategic management consulting, as well as representative of the enterprises for contributing for the development and piloting virtual games, Wielkopolska Chamber of Commerce and Industry for bridging education and business. Partners have professional trainer training, management education, research, as well as dissemination experience and are proficient in project management. The project results are: 25 trained trainers, 8 Virtual Games in English, Polish and Lithuanian languages, textbook for using ICT in strategic management, one article in the Baltic Journal of Management, as well as 2 international conferences. The project duration is 24 month.


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